Gavin Rutherford Illustrator and Pattern Designer

Gavin Rutherford is a freelance illustrator and pattern designer currently based in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland. A graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone, college of Art and Design and has just started his freelance career full-time.


“An Illustration graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone, college of Art and Design and self confessed sketchbook doodling enthusiast, my work takes its inspiration from a simple love of linear patterns, intricate detail and delicate design. I’m rarely found without a pen in my hand and a dog-eared sketchbook in my bag. As an artist, my visual inspiration comes at me from a variety of different (and usually unexpected) sources. Whether it be a trip to the museum, a flick through my astronomy books, a visit to my parents rural village or even a quick jaunt to the local shop, I find myself seeking out interesting shapes, patterns and textures wherever and whenever I can find them. More often than not, the best ideas creep up on me from the least likely of places.”

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“In truth, my work spans a variety of different subjects, from insects, butterflies and seashells, to rock formations, celestial objects and floral motifs. I enjoy the chance to draw new designs whenever possible, leading to a rather eclectic portfolio, but I always apply my own signature style to establish a certain degree of consistency to my drawings. Usually this style takes the form of monochrome patterns and one-off prints, as my work regularly focuses on shape, texture, detail and composition, rather than on the use of colour.

Having recently moved to Edinburgh I’ve only just started out my freelance career full-time, but having just been announced as the joint winner of a print and pattern design scholarship, I’m looking forward to producing a range of new designs and taking on new commissions during the busy year ahead of me.”




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