Polish Illustrator Joanna Gniady

Joanna Gniady is an illustrator from Poland with experience in creating; music and book covers, editorial and children’s illustrations, posters, motion design and concert scenography.

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“My illustrations are a mixture of textures, shapes and, very often, body parts. I have a pretty big stockyard of eyes and noses belonging to various people I know, as well as the fragments of strangers from vintage magazines and photos from the beginning of the 20th century.

I collect a lot of unimportant paper stuff like used metro tickets, bills or shopping lists found on a pavement. I cut them into needed shapes, scan and then arrange everything digitally. The problem is that I hate scanning, so this part of my work is always the most painful. On the other hand, I’m crazy about handwriting and the projects involving a composition made of words and pictures make me really happy. My dream is to write and draw a menu on a blackboard in some Parisian café.”


“The list of my influences is really long. I love travelling and gathering colors, motives, extraordinary pieces of reality. It’s always a must to visit as many of museums and art galleries as possible. To bend down in front of great masters and also to discover the local heroes. (More about it in art and travel sections of my blog).

If I had to mention a couple of names they would be (today): Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Alexander Girard, Polish School of Posters, Sara Fanelli, Maira Kalman, Olaf Hajek, Paul X. Johnson, Gustave Moreau, Edward Hopper, Xavier Dolan, Peter Greenaway, Wes Anderson, Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire… And so on, and so on.

Currently I work on lots of editorial projects, a music album cover and, when some free time magically appears, on something that will maybe turn into a picture book one day. I’ve been also invited to take part in a cool project called Mail Me Art so during the next days I’ll be bravely creating an illustration on the envelope.”

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