Illustrator Jennifer Katie Hill of Leeds College of Art

In her final year of studying at the Leeds College of Art, Jennifer Katie Hill describes herself as a Leeds based Illustrator and embroiderer with a major sweet tooth.


“I am constantly trying to develop my work and try new and different things but what I always try to maintain is a hand drawn element. I love work that requires patience and time and I think this is always reflected in the outcome, so I do a lot of embroidery and detailed drawing. I love to draw with a needle and thread as it creates a completely new depth to an image and challenges you to find new ways of mark making with thread. I love the knowing that when people see my work in person they are drawn to touch it and look closely at the detail.”


“I’m in my last year studying Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art and as we’ve now entered our final project I’m on the hunt for any commissions, projects or collaborations to get involved with. I’m trying out new things while I’m still in the University cocoon. Being on this course has allowed me to be totally flexible with my work and try all sorts of things, which is wonderful for me as I was so indecisive about what I wanted to do (I still am)!

I’m influenced by all sorts of things, like old photographs and postcards, animals, the environment and even the moods I’m in; there are always ideas swilling around in my head. Photographs in particular are fascinating because it’s great to wonder who the people in the photo are, where they were, what their names might have been. I’m also massively influenced by great people, David Attenborough in particular, and love to pay tribute to them in some way; I get obsessed with things very easily. I was given the opportunity recently to design a piece for an exhibition in the Audrey & Burton Gallery in Leeds called Vision of Angria that was based around the stories of Branwell Bronte, the often forgotten brother of the Bronte sisters. This was a wonderful opportunity and allowed me to use my work to respond to literature, which is something I had never done before, but definitely something I’ll be doing again!”


“I’ve just finished three jigsaw pieces for the Craftivist Collective’s Jigsaw project #imapiece which is a collaboration between the craftivists, Mr X Stitch, Deadly Knitshade and Hilary of Craftblog UK to create a huge embroidered installation of jigsaw pieces in support of Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger Campaign. It attracted crafty people from all over the world and it has been lovely being involved with such a good project. I am currently working on a few commissions including some upcoming 3D illustration work at the Ilkley Literature festival, which will be super exciting. I’m hoping to create some larger pieces and to work with 3D techniques in the hopes of creating something taxidermy related with wonderful embroidery and fabrics for my final show. I find taxidermy quite creepy but oddly fascinating, so I want to challenge this and make them touchable and soft enough that you want to rub your face against them.

After I leave University I have no clue what I will be doing but I know where I’ll be; and that is back in Liverpool. Maybe I’ll fulfil my childhood dream of working at the RSPCA for a while, or perhaps I’ll do a Master’s degree in the future, who knows?”




Jennifer Katie Hill Website | @JenfaKatie