Printed Textiles Designer Chloe Hood

Chloe Hood is a printed textiles designer, currently studying at University of Portsmouth in the South of England in her final year. She has ambitions to setup her own business and build on her work experience with fashion label Charles of London.


“I am a printed textiles designer specialising in digital techniques such as Photoshop, scanning and Illustrator. My work is very much inspired by punk culture and the alternative style in fashion, music is a great inspiration for me and I always have music on when I am creating. I have recently worked with a 35mm film camera to produce my base for my textile prints and I then scratched and burnt into the negatives of the film, really experimenting with fine art photography. I am very much a designer that likes to try new techniques and I am always looking for new tutorials on how to do new things with digital design and fine art photography.”


“I am currently in my final year at the University of Portsmouth in the South Coast of England studying Fashion and Textiles. In my time at the University I have gained many skills from silk screen printing to digital design. I also find myself searching for more things to learn outside of my studies to get the very most out of my design work. As I love experimenting I find myself using a variety of techniques to get the message I want to get across, be that a political message or just to create impact and get the shock factor.

After I graduate I would like to start up my own business, possibly selling my textile designs printed onto accessories. I would also like to work freelance as a printed textiles designer as I have done some work experience in the past with rock ‘n’ roll fashion label Charles of London and I continue to get work from them.”




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