Sketchbook Illustration Junkie Chris Arran

A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, Chris Arran has a string of successful stories to tell of his career to date. With a portfolio bursting with inspiration, and projects of work with Cosmopolitan, Vogue, MTV & many more!

“I studied an illustration degree at Manchester Metropolitan University which was like being in a boot camp for illustrators. I mean that in the nicest sense, as the course had a very high rep which was brought about by the students being almost chained to our desks while we learned our trade. Back then my tutor was the legendary children’s book illustrator Tony Ross.”


“At the time I worked exclusively in 3D. Two years later I moved to Munich, Germany and illustrated for some very interesting clients such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, MTV & many more. After twelve years of working in 3D I came back to live in the UK in 2002. The UK scene was booming and I made the decision to finish with 3D and work using ink and digital media this I did for a couple of years until I discovered the art of improvising in sketchbooks using collage paint and anything that looked right. From this I moved seamlessly into painting with acrylics and digital paint and four years ago produced the portfolio you see now. There has always been a very strong Pop Art scene in the UK and that’s where I would place my work with let’s say a fashion twist. It’s very colourful and positive. My influences are Robert Rauchenberg, Peter Blake and David Hockney.”


“Three years ago by chance I bought a second hand French illustration book and loved all the artists in it. With a bit of research I found that most of them were represented by Colagene illustration Clinic in Paris. I emailed them to see if they were interested in my work and they said they were and we have worked very well together since. They also represent My Dead Pony, Silke Werzinger, Sonia Roy and Julien Pacaud to name a few, all of which I admire greatly. My clients include Cosmopolitan, Penguin Books, Elle, Glamour, The Washington Post and is constantly expanding.

My current project is a painting in my studio and a university research project (illustration based) where I work as an associate lecturer. My plans for this year are to exhibit more and discover new ways to illustrate and express myself through my work.”





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