Illustrator and Graphic Designer Thierry Birkenstock

Thierry Birkenstock is a french illustrator and graphic designer, he describes his drawings as expressing a ‘strong visual impact or a deep poetic feeling.’


“I am Thierry Birkenstock a.k.a. Birken, a french illustrator and graphic designer living in Lyon. I am basically a product of the so-called “street-culture”, the skateboard and graffiti generation. I never went to any art school, which I guess makes me a self-taught artist. This culture is of course a big part of my inspiration, so I keep a close eye on what’s happening on the streets. I may also find ideas in sci-fi books and movies, french comics, music. I know that a good idea could strike at any place and time.”


“My work could often be described as an oniric, psychedelic vision of organic or futuristic landscapes. I’m always drawing a black & white sketch on a sheet of paper first, and then decide if I’ll be printing it or use it for a digital work. This is important to me because I like all the small imperfections hand-drawing creates. I do like to print linocut or silkscreen posters as they become real pieces of art to me, when the process in itself becomes a part of the creation. This allows me to sell art prints, t-shirts and spread my work around. If you are lucky, you may find my drawings in fanzines, bookstores or galleries near your place.”






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