Phillip Wells Illustration

Phillip Wells is a graduate fot the Savannah College of Art in the fine art of Illustration, Phillips describes his best work as being reportage, travel, portraiture and editorial illustration.


“My work displays the world as I see it, a world of color, lines and textures. I draw freely without typically correcting mistakes. I find that my subconscious mind stores my greatest creativity, and I allow it to come forth through spontaneous and irregular line work. My colors are bright and warm, and my textures are rich.

I can find my inspiration almost anywhere; books, conversations, wallpaper, antiques and in quiet retrospection. My influences include Jordin Isip, Joe Ciardiello, Julia Rothman and Ralph Steadman. I was educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My focus of study was illustration and graphic design. Savannah is a magical place for artists, rich with history and culture. I am currently working as a graphic designer, and recently began delving into the world of textile and surface pattern design.”





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