Sabine Reinhart Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

Sabine Reinhart is a graduate in Graphic Design, from Fachhochschule Duesseldorf specialising in illustration and web design. Currently she works as a freelancer but has previously worked as an art director both in Germany and Switzerland.


After graduation she worked as an art director in Germany and Switzerland, designing and realizing internet and brand presences. Since fulfilling her dream and becoming freelance she has worked on many commissioned projects designing for interior, textiles, greeting card and gift wrap industries. Sabine also runs the pattern related websites Patterrific and Floralcy where she offers some of her patterns.


Sabine Reinhart has participated in Adobe’s prerelease programs in the past. Most recently, she participated in the Adobe Illustrator CS6 program and created one of the Illustrator CS6 How-To Guides.

“I specialize in intricate floral designs and love nature related themes. My work is contemporary with a strong illustrative feel. I enjoy using a combination of pattern and illustration in my work, utilizing both traditional and digital techniques. I believe that it takes creativity to make technology tick and technology to make creativity blossom. This combination makes my heart beat faster.”




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