Björn Öberg Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Today we continue to expand our tree of inspiration this time delving into the work of Björn Öberg, a Swedish illustrator & graphic designer.

A mountain of terror - Personal work, 2013

“I have worked as a professional illustrator for over ten years and fulltime for the last four years. I specialize in editorial and commercial work and my visual language is often characterized by bold colors and – upon closer examination a lot of symbolism. Coming from a background of communication studies and graphic design I have always been fascinated by how visual symbols work to add deeper meaning as well as create understanding in a picture – without the use of words.

Music has always been a key influence to my work, my musical taste encompassing everything from Lady Gaga to Norwegian Black Metal which creates a melting pot where I draw inspiration from lyrics as well as visual appearance and album artwork. Other influences include the late Swedish illustrator Hans Arnold, comics creator Mike Mignola as well as some of the great old ones; Van Gogh, Doré, Toulouse Lautrec, Kandinsky, Matisse and Picasso.”

Poster artwork, La Bohéme - Commission work (Norrlandsoperan), 2012

“I am currently working on a larger personal project – albeit when I can find the time for it, which is usually in between commission works – consisting of a larger suite of illustrations, telling a story without words, loosely inspired by Dante’s inferno, about a journey through a frightening yet (at least sometimes) good-natured underworld. My Idea is to turn this into a book as well as an exhibition.”

Ashes - Personal work, 2013

Two friends head out into the world - Personal work, 2013

Editorial illustration "Opium for the masses" - Forskning & Framsteg, 2013

Editorial illustration - Platsjournalen, 2013

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