Freelance Illustrator Keren Rosen

Keren Rosen aka Dings & Doodles, is a designer and illustrator and works freelance. Despite initially gaining her degree in Industrial design, she went onto gain lots of experience in Italy and now enjoys life as an independent illustrator.



“My illustration works are mostly driven and inspired by everyday life experiences, both those that come from personal experiences and those where I am only a bystander. I tend to take these everyday situations and play with them in my head, usually adding a bit of humor to them. My work style is influenced by my love for animated cartoons and graphic novels.

I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. After graduation I had the opportunity to join the internship program in Fabrica, the Benetton Research and Communication Center in Treviso, Italy. After completing my internship I worked as a designer for various companies, designing different products including, among others, bags, shoes and light fixtures. Today I am an independent illustrator, illustrating for commercial projects and children’s books. I always try to find some time to work on personal side-projects, one of which is my weekly comics column. My goal is to grow as an illustrator and expand my work to the international market and eventually write my own graphic novel.”






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