Graphic Designer Kerry Lauren Heaney

A soon to be graduate from Salford in Manchester (UK), Kerry Lauren Heaney is another graduate of the University of Cumbria. Here we share her work and hear more about her early years as a designer and her identity design project; Noble.


“I’m Kerry Lauren Heaney and I’m from Little Hulton in Salford, Manchester. Ever since I was small I have enjoyed the ‘creative’ side of life. My love of Graphic Design stems from me taking the subject in High School and carrying it on to degree level. I spend most of my spare time designing things or looking though magazines and books and letting the world inspire me. I can spend hours on blogs just scrolling through different designers work. I am now in my third and final year at the University of Cumbria.

I love design and couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I prefer Print Design simply because I love the way it looks and feels, I like the fact you can print on different types of paper for example and it gives it a completely different look than if you just saw it on screen. I am fascinated by clean cut design which incorporates fashion, typography and photography. I really enjoy editorial design and keep a collection of magazines just for the images and layouts inside.”


“I have been told I am best at image manipulation and art direction, which I try to include a lot in my work, just because I like it so much! I have just completed an identity project in which I created a mens clothing brand called ‘Noble’. This name was chosen because it means; excellent or superior quality. Something which I tried to get across in my work. This design embraces everything I love in design, everything from suave style to simple, clean, bold typography. I have also included several images from my dissertation editorial. My dream job is to work for a High Fashion Magazine as an editor, I have wanted this for so long and hopefully one day it will happen! Or basically anything in Fashion Editorial I would just love!”





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