Illustration Studio Blacksoup

Blacksoup is an illustration studio that produces limited edition prints, tshirts and other cool designs. Chris hasn’t had the most direct or formal route through education where he is today, but that shouldn’t detract from the quality of his work on display.


“Despite a bad start in education in Art O’level, whether educational grades don’t give the full picture or that you really don’t need to be good at art to make a living out of it. Either way, for the last six years I’ve made a living drawing greeting cards for some big companies (and some little ones too). One day I’ll have enough money to buy a wardrobe and a proper bed. That is the dream.

I’m influenced by everything I see and do. Then there’s the stuff I think about too. I don’t follow any artists, as it can get overwhelming sometimes. Just a quick search on google and you can stumble across thousands of amazingly talented artists whose work puts your own into the shade. For that reason I just prefer to do my own stuff and not worry too much about what anyone else is doing.”


“I’m currently working on some t-shirt designs for my website and have a solo exhibition later on in the year, it’s going to have greek gods and Liverpool icons engaged in battles to the death. I’m not sure why I’m fixated on fighting at the moment but I guess I am, sooooo I’ll just roll with it until I move onto something else, or sack it all off and get a proper job that pays regularly.”





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