Textile Design Student Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie Campbell is a second year textile design student specialising in digital print for fashion and interiors at Leeds University. She describes her work as being ‘arty, cute, yummy and eye catching.’

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‘I have always been passionate and driven about design, and studied textiles from high school straight through to Leeds University where I have just finished my second year of textile design. I specialise in digital print and for fashion and interiors and have a view to work in the print design industry in upcoming years. It would be a dream to work in a job which would never feel like work and to keep building skills to improve my design practice.

Whether strolling home after a long day or rushing through the city I am always looking out for inspirational sights. With a loose yet detailed style of drawing I find I am always searching for the detail in an object or scene to really magnify the unseen beauty of, for example, a feature on a building wall which may have been neglected for years. Building these features into motifs with an abstract style means I can create new from the old and inject life back into them.’

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‘My current project entitled ‘Journey’s is based loosely on the journey from the architecture of the city to the unstructured suburbs where buildings are left to go into disrepair and nature takes a much more interesting path which is wild and free. I have juxtaposed elements of these subjects to give my designs structure but always maintaining flow. I was also inspired by architecture of the art deco movement and the Casa Batllo as the architecture is so imaginative, the buildings are works of art in themselves and were something I would never have found in Leeds.’ The designs are intended for the high end curtain and bedding market.’

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