Children’s Illustration Holly Liminton

Holly Liminton is a soon to be graduate of Plymouth University, she describes her work as having a focus on ‘character design, narrative, colour and texture.’ She hopes in the future to realise her dream of being an illustrator for children’s books and emulate the careers of such illustrators as; Viviane Schwarz or David Roberts.

Holly Liminton_Moon Cheese

“I have always wanted to illustrate children’s books, cliché I know, but in my year 6 leaving assembly we had to stand up and say what we wanted to be when we grew up and I said an illustrator.

After A Levels and an Art and Design Foundation Diploma, I went on to study Illustration at Plymouth University where I’m due to graduate later this year. Whilst there, I have deepened my love of picture books and one-day hope to write and illustrate my own. My latest project has been my second picture book whilst on the course, ‘No Norman, THAT’s Not Good For You’, which is about a mischievous boy with a huge appetite. Upon graduating I hope to start sending out copies to publishers and start working on another book (daunting but exciting). I’ve also just completed a mural in a school library with some other illustrators on my course which was fun!”

Holly Liminton_Spring Time

My work focuses around character design, narrative, colour and texture. I love making little personalities come to life on a page with my colouring pencils and creating fantasy worlds for them to live in. I take inspiration from everyday things, people watching, and talking to children. I’ve worked in a number of schools teaching illustration, which has given me an amazing insight to children’s bonkers imaginations. There’s also nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and a picture book from some of my favourite illustrators such as Viviane Schwarz or David Roberts to get the creative juices flowing. I just hope that one day I can be as successful.’

Holly Liminton_Cat and Mouse

Holly Liminton_The Two Brothers

Holly Liminton_Norman and The Pea

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