Danielle Somerfield aka Bear Hat Illustrations

“My inspiration came from studying art and design at college, from there I educated myself in screen printing, fine art and graphic design. I adored screen printing and its something I am looking to revisit in the future. At university studying a BA Honours in Illustration, where I am going to head into my final year. Back in my first year a discussion came up in lecture about web presence of my work, from there Bear hat Illustrations was born.” -Danielle Somerfield (Bear Hat Illustrations)


“Bear Hat Illustrations started in January of 2012 on Facebook, where it simply started off as a place to share my work in one place and to gain audience. It’s since grown to become a place to share work and to focus my ideas. This has recently lead to me opening my Bear Hat Illustrations Etsy shop. I began with card design ideas this has grown into selling greetings cards, prints, postcards and jewellery. My influences come from a variety of craft blogs and people with their own Etsy shops. I have learnt new techniques with new materials, for example shrink plastic for my brooches. Once I saw what they could do from home my mind took off with new ideas. The feedback I get from customers about my work really inspires me to keep going.

Over the summer I shall be taking more time to work on my shop as in the heavy workload months of my education it will take a back seat. New items will be coming to the store, new cards are being drawn up and more excitingly, more Jewellery, necklaces & more. Its all very exciting to get designing and working on something that you have grown from the ground up.”






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