Donna Mallett Illustrator

Donna Mallett is an aspiring illustrator, teacher, and all round creative enthusiast who loves to express herself! She moved from a small town in the countryside to live in Manchester where she now resides in the hustle and bustle of the city centre, glued to her doodle desk.


“She took a BTEC in college studying Graphic Design and then went on to take a foundation course in Animation. Although Animation had the appeal of being able to bring her drawings to life, Donna’s personal preference lay more in the design aspect rather than the technicality of animation software. From September 2012 she took a top up year to work her way up to a degree in Creative Media and Visual Communication, that of which she graduates this year.

Donna is influenced mainly by illustrators that use textures to bring life to their drawings and often applies this method to her own work. Her technique uses good old-fashioned pencil and paper, a scanner and her two preferences of software – Photoshop and Illustrator. Right now she is working on her final major project – ‘Around the World like Grandad’ – a lift-the-flap picture book aimed at five year olds, which explores the cultures of the world.”

Book Cover

“Following on from this, Donna aspires to illustrate children’s books in the future, but also plans to take a PGCE course to become a primary school teacher. During this year, she is working on various projects that allow her to combine her illustration with educational benefits.”




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