Freelance Illustrator & Glyndwr University Graduate Briony Jose

Today we continue to inspire you all with the work of Glyndwr University graduate; Briony Jose. Since leaving university she has gained a foothold in sharing her work as a freelance illustrator and describes her work as being inspired greatly by nature.

Baba yaga

“I have just finished my degree in illustration at the North wales school of art and design, Wrexham (Now Glyndwr university) and have now entered the big wide world as a freelance illustrator and returned to sunny Staffordshire. My education has vastly changed my style, I’d always been a drawer/doodler sticking with very traditional methods due to my grandparents both being watercolor artists. But university helped push these traditional methods which helped me experiment with a range of looser mediums resulting in my ink work to develop and create the style that I have now.

My education also helped on opening my eyes to different types of printing, photoshop and illustrator and things that I’d known about before but never had the chance to try. This wider knowledge also helped me combine styles and crossover ideas, showing me that I don’t have to repeat and repeat images due to a little smudge here and a drop of ink there and that it would probably be easier just to clean it up on photoshop (I always do things the hard way).

My work has always been inspired greatly by nature, being a bit of a country bumpkin nature was always there on my doorstep surrounding, and then being encouraged to be outside with the animals I fell in love with nature. I’m also inspired by everything I see on a day-to-day basis, people, feelings, music and words. Recently words have also had a larger impact on my creativity, using the words as the base and then letting my imagination and creativity expand upon this.”

Brave New World

Inuit Tribe

“I’m excited to be starting my career as an illustrator and expand on the freelance work I have already received, starting with attending New designers in London from the 2nd to the 6th July where I’m hoping to meet lots of lovely people. Other than that I have some lovely group collaborations and personal projects involving textiles on the horizon. You can keep up to date over on my website and I’m forever throwing sketches on my facebook and twitter. So stay tuned!”

Secret 7

The Bird Wife 2

The Bird wife

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