Freelance Illustrator Jordan Andrew Carter

I’m Jordan Andrew Carter illustration hustler/ graphic wizard. I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts last year and have set out as a freelance illustrator this year. My work is a blend of hand drawn sketches juxtaposed against strong colourful graphic elements to create something that looks like it is made from two processes or people. I’m inspired by both print and street art and like to think that bits from both have filtered down into my work and style.

jordan andrew carter

I graduated from NUA with a degree in games art and design but decided to fall back on my drawing abilities and do what felt natural and fun, so I started out this year as a freelance illustrator. I recently took part in an exhibition at the Coningsby gallery in central London and have worked for some amazing people including Ammo magazine, Inkygoodness, Ohh Deer and Fiasco design.

CursedPirate jordan andrew carter

Leo-pard jordan andrew carter

house-E-phant jordan andrew carter



Currently I’m open for commissions, but I am also working on starting my own clothing/ lifestyle brand called Woodless selling illustration and design focused clothing and stationary.

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