Freelance Illustrator Matthew Brazier

A graduate of Norwich University College of the Arts, Matthew Brazier has begun to carve his own career out as a freelance illustrator. Inspired by pop culture he describes his favourite films as ‘always the ones where you discover new things on repeat viewings, and I try to recreate that feeling in my work.’


“I graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts (Now Norwich University of the Arts) last year after studying Illustration and am beginning a career as a freelance Illustrator. My style stems from my love of traditional drawing. I constantly doodle and draw, having kept a daily drawing project going for well over three years, and find myself fidgeting if I go too long without picking up a pencil. I enjoy pushing my sketches through various print processes such as monoprint, as well as digital media, and have been exploring various ways of combining the two, mixing the old and new.”


“The subject matter of my work is inspired by popular culture and my keen love of film, as well as reportage, documenting everyday life. I enjoy making portraits and images out of various components, often overloading the image with information. My favourite films have always been the ones where you discover new things on repeat viewings, and I seek to recreate that within a still image. Of course, I also enjoy the stark contrast of an isolated figure in a background, as it gives an image a completely different atmosphere.

I’m eager to begin a (hopefully!) long career in Illustration, constantly looking to expand my online presence and develop my portfolio. I’ll be involved in some group exhibitions later in the year, which I am very excited about. You can keep up to date on my progress, and see how my sketches are taking shape, through my blog and on twitter.”





Matthew Brazier Website | Tumblr | Facebook | @matthew_brazier