Freelance Illustrator Tim Parker

 PsychEd4Sport Map

I’m Tim Parker, and  I graduated from Cambridge School of art in 2012. I am now working as a freelance illustrator in the North-East of England.  My work is a mix of delicate texture and lines with bright, bold, blocky colours – I love to produce work that draws your eye and keeps you coming back. I draw my inspiration from myths and science, along with my love for graphic storytelling, so my illustration tends to be set in narrative – a captured moment in a story.

Since graduating I have been lucky enough to work for a varied client base from editorial work through to greeting cards. So far, my client list includes Cambridge Festival of ScienceAmmo MagazineRadiumOne AdvertisingTimbergramPsychEd4Sport, and Secret 7”.  I won the Penguin Design Award for my Grimm’s Fairy Tales cover straight out of university, and spent an inspiring month working at their London HQ.


Cambridge Science Festival brochure cover

Tim Parker Illustration - Lift Rage

Tim Parker Illustration - Workplace Aggression

Tim Parker Illustration - Puffin Children's Prize Winner Grimm's

I’m currently working further with PsychEd4Sport, producing editorial illustrations and inserts for their magazine’s upcoming issues. I also create a webcomic about life’s little foibles on my tumblr. I’m available for commissions, get in touch.

Tim Parker Website | Tumblr | @timmy_parker