Print Designer and Illustrator Seb Hepplewhite

Seb Hepplewhite a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University in 2010, he then took time out to travel and this he credits with allowing him to gain an understanding of cultures and how design is tackled around the world.

American History X

“Textures are a running theme throughout my work. I spent a large proportion of my time at University experimenting with traditional print techniques, creating a reference of textures to work from on future projects. This experimental approach saw my work receive the Graphic Design Northern Design Award in 2010. In the interest of time, my process has since evolved into a blend of analogue and digital techniques.

Having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 I took the opportunity to travel. Travelling allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of different cultures and how design is tackled around the world. I gain inspiration from the vitality of travelling, in addition to being inspired by a variety of illustrators, designers and street artists such as David Carson, Eric Carle, Kid Acne, Telegramme Studio and many more.”

Seb Hepplewhite_Bat For Lashes


Stoked Popcorn Box

The EndlessSummer

Seb Hepplewhite_The Incredible Chapore

I am currently putting the finishing touches to a self-promotional book along with creating a t-shirt design inspired by traditional tattoos with a Yorkshire twist.

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