Romanian Illustrator Alina Filipoiu

Alina Filipoiu is a 25 year old architecture student from Bucharest, Romania and has been working as an illustrator under the title of 441 Design Studio.


“I have drawn ever since I can remember but only recently I realised this is the thing that makes me happy. Dreaming is a part of my everyday life so all I have to do is just to draw my dreams and my thoughts. I don’t have art studies but I’m an autodidact. I’m experimenting with different techniques and materials trying to obtain the exact imagine from my head. I worked with magazines like “Decat o Revista” , “Dash”, “GQ”, “Dilema Veche”. So far I had 2 collective exhibitions and 2 alone that is still opened in a gallery in Bucharest.”


“My fascination with art began when I was a little girl and I realised that my imagination was more vivid than other children my age. I went to art classes in my home town for 2 years and then I started to draw just about anything, from my obsession with hands and ballerinas, to old people portraits and houses. Everything around me was magical and I just had to immortalize it.

Illustration is the way I express myself naturally, I can’t say I chose it, it just happened. I paint too but I like to experiment a lot and illustration and digital art I feel that it has no boundaries in my vision.

I think that setting out to “find a style” is sort of pointless and limiting. I think my illustration ‘style’ is always changing and evolving, although there are some elements which I guess I’ve kept throughout; I use a very different colour palettes according to what I want to express. My favourite thing is to find a way to use symbolism in every illustration, even if it’s hard to find the meaning. Everyone should find their own story in a visual image.”






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