Camberwell College of Art 3D Designer William Hayter

A graduate of Camberwell College of Art William Hayter has also recently exhibited his work at New Designers, here we learn more about his process, style, influences and work.


“The most important themes in my designs and design process are honesty, character and utility. I aim to produce useful and affordable pieces of design that possess a playful characteristic, which I think is essential in developing strong and personal relationships with objects. A recurring method in my work is producing and manipulating Three-dimensional shapes from two-dimensional forms. At the beginning of a project I tend to sketch strong graphic shapes and forms on paper, which are then turned into 3D objects.

I have developed my recent work in wood as it fits the warm and honest qualities that are essential to the themes in my final pieces.”



“My two final pieces for my degree show are a set of triangular seated stacking chairs and stool called 60 / 30 Chair and Stool, and a set of construction blocks called PegBlocks.The 60 / 30 chair and stool set encourage interactivity and is suited for use at home or in communal and public spaces, as they can be arranged in many different configurations due to the equilateral seat shape. PegBlock is a set of wooden construction blocks that can be arranged in an endless amount of shapes and structures. These blocks encourage decision making and learning through play but are for all ages.”



William Hayter Website | Tumblr | @will_hayter