Collage Illustrator Lydia Coventry

Lydia Coventry is a collage illustrator, studying at Plymouth University. Studying for her BA in Illustration has helped her to grow and advance her skills, preparing her for a busy third year ahead we wish her the best of luck.

lydia coventry illustration

“I have just finished my second year at Plymouth University where I am studying BA Illustration. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved cutting up paper, family photos , catalogues and gluing them together into numerous scrapbooks, the amount of times I got told off for ‘making a mess’ (there were tiny paper cuttings EVERYWHERE) as a child, but my passion grew and I found out that there was a place for my cutting and gluing and like that I found my love for Illustration.

After studying A levels I decided to go with my gut instinct and with no previous Art experience on an Art and design foundation diploma. I absolutely fell in love with it and would recommend it to anyone who is unconfident with their work or thinking of a creative career. Within that year I experimented loads, became confident and found my style; collage.”


“My main process is manipulating paper with scissors. I love recycling old magazines, textured paper, paper cuttings and vintage photos to create something brand new and witty. I really enjoy making the characters I create come to life which is why I really enjoy making tactile collages. I prefer to make my illustrations using a traditional cut and paste approach rather than digitally. However I do tend to use digital software to enhance the end result. I’ve recently enjoyed making picture books, one I did earlier this year was called ‘Mr monster and me’ which is about a boy called Duncan who thinks a monster keeps eating his clothes because they keep going missing. Another I did was based on the Chinese zodiac race which can be seen on my website ☺

In the future I hope to create lots of picture books in my final year at University, it is a rollercoaster and I just can’t wait to find out where it goes!”





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