De Montfort Product Design Graduate Zoe Whitehouse

Zoe Whitehouse has just completed her three year degree studying BA Product design at De Montfort University, the next stage is New Designers exhibiting her work and then hopefully kickstarting her career in the industry.

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Major project- Portable Fencing system -The portable fencing solution to enable a safe and convenient way to secure horses.

From the age of 18 months old I learnt to ride horses therefore it became a big part of my life. When I had the opportunity of an open brief within my degree I decided to involve equestrian.

The current systems are an inconvenience and unsafe to horses and their users. From a survey conducted it was found that just over 81% of owners find the current electric fencing an inconvenience and 62% of horses are injured whilst grazing. With 73% of owners using electric fencing a new system was needed and with this fencing the setup has been made easier; the new footplate design allows easy placing into the ground. The fencing has a retractable reel component therefore the fencing placement is a lot more convenient as the fencing can remain up whilst it is altered. The footplate also allows for easier storage and transportation of the product. Once the fencing is finished with it can be assembled as one and then stored away without needing too much space.

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Minor project- Pass Pack Winner of an RSA Design award 2012/13 Social Insurance.

I chose this brief as I was a young driver at the time so had experience within this also my enthusiasm with cars was an advantage.

With this product the driver will be given extra tuition for the first six months after passing their driving test with the band acting as a secondary instructor.

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Statistically inexperienced drivers have more accidents raising the cost of their insurance. The lack of experience and nerves whilst driving is one of the factors with 1 in 5 drivers crashing within the first year of passing their test. It will be received in a pass pack free once the young drivers have passed their test. This pack will contain all the relevant information about the product and service as well as a freepost envelope for the young driver to return the product after their six month period. Throughout this time the driver will be guided through the environment indicating relevant speeds encouraging a safer driving behaviour.

This device is a sleek elegant but simple design wrapped around the steering wheel which will aid young drivers. The device grips neatly on the steering wheel tightly in place and bonded with grip tape. The band is a simple product which is fitted around a steering wheel and indicates poor driving through gps and accelerometers giving live feedback to the young driver, this can then be seen via an online portal, the data recorded will then be used for Insurance. The is a comercially viable product which will encourage safer driving behaviour as well as help lower insurance premiums for young drivers.

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