Freelance Illustrator and Printmaker Kate Newman

Kate Newman is a Freelance Illustrator, Printmaker & Crafter living in Leeds, a graduate of Leeds College of Art she has a love for traditional printmaking and is influenced by artists such as James Jean.

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“I’ve just finished my degree at Leeds College of Art in Visual Communication, where I specialised in Illustration and Hand made crafts. As an image-maker I am excited by the use of hand made techniques, and have a huge love for traditional printmaking. My course encouraged me to experiment with materials and techniques, while always reminding me to think about who the work is for and what it really communicates.

My Influences cover many different styles of illustration, my all time favourite artist is James Jean, I have treated my obsession with his art with one of his illustrations tattooed on my arm. I also love the wood cut prints of Alex Binnie, the decorative styles of artists like Alphonse Mucha, and the tongue in cheek pin up paintings of Gil Elvgren.”

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“In the last year of my degree I have been setting myself up as a freelance illustrator, working on commissions for, tattoo designs, business branding, band posters and flyers among other work. I also create prints and craft items to sell through my online shop, craft fairs and independent retailers in Leeds. Through these different platforms of image making I always keep the aesthetic of my work hand made, even if the image is being used for digital purposes. I always draw my work by hand and scan in real textures, often from mono prints, as I love the texture the ink creates on the paper. When working with traditional printmaking I love to mix different techniques to create a multi textural surface that draws people in and makes you want to touch it. I love how traditional printmaking can be enjoyed across the senses, not just sight, but the textures and the smell of the ink as well.”

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