Freelance Illustrator Jess Moorhouse

A Nottingham Trent University graduate, Jess Moorhouse is currently working freelance on Illustration projects whilst looking for her first full time design role.


“When I first began studying at Nottingham Trent University I wasn’t entirely sure what route I wanted to go down. I spent the first couple of years exploring all aspects of design, as my course was very broad in terms of outcomes, which was great! After a while I noticed my projects seemed to become more and more illustrative, eventually I began developing a style which I felt comfortable with, applying it then on to every project I did.

I’d like to think that my work is best described as Quirky and bold. I’d say the most distinguishing factor about my style is the thick outlines I use. At the moment I’m obsessed with fine liners and will rarely use anything else. Other elements people notice are “Funny noses” and almost excessive detail.”


“My favourite kinds of projects are the ones where I can completely let loose and set my imagination free, the more random the better I believe. I think my favourite brief so far was creating an A-Z book, whereby I created characters called “Hybreeds”, these are animals of the same letter crossed together to make a silly hybrid. I did about 6 sketch books worth of work in a couple of weeks because I got into it so much!

At the moment, I’m currently on the look out for placements and jobs, while continuing to freelance in my spare time. I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do yet. I think I’m going to have to explore the illustration scene and see where I fit in best, and for now take things as they come. I love a good challenge!”





Jess Moorhouse Website | @jessmoorhouse