Freelance Illustrator Reuben Barr

Reuben Barr, aka Roob, is a freelance illustrator and recent Graphic Arts graduate from Liverpool School of Art & Design, currently based in Liverpool.

amphetamine reptile

“I have a very personal approach to illustration. A childhood spent absorbing comics and saturday morning cartoons turned me into an obsessive doodler. I like to put as much of myself across as possible in my work, as well as giving it a weird and dark edge. Loved horror films too.

I love punchy, clashing colours, creepy textures and bold line-work. My tastes are pretty lowbrow and I’d hate for my work to ever be considered dull. I’m mostly influenced by the likes of Ren and Stimpy and old 90’s Nickelodeon when illustration was all a bit grungy and rough. I’ve always been a fan of guys like Ralph Steadman, Daniel Johnston and Robert Crumb as well. A bit of angst makes things more interesting I think.”

use your brain

lost art

lost art 2



Having recently graduated as an illustrator, I’m now taking the time to work on some commissions and personal projects, and I’m always open to discuss new ideas with interested parties. I had a pretty successful crack at selling screen-printed t-shirts and tote bags at our degree show, so I’m aiming to produce another few runs of each in the near future.

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