Freelance Illustrator Verbals Picks

Ellie Fox

A self taught illustrator from Scotland, ‘Verbals Picks‘ describes his work as “a combination of shapes, layers and saturated colours that combine to create fun interesting designs.”


“I’ve always been a keen artist since I was a kid and took up teaching myself illustration after gradating from the University for the Creative Arts, where I studied Film Production. I graduated during the financial crash in ’09 and at that time was having a hard time getting a job like most graduates. So being unemployed and having lots of free time on my hands I started drawing again and began teaching myself illustration. Since then I’ve slowly found my own style, reached personal goals and continue to learn in this industry.

My main influence I would say is music. Listening to music when working is when I feel most creative and I get the best out of myself. It keeps me from being influenced by other peoples work and it helps my imagination. My love of music and working with it is the reason my portfolio is mostly music based. Currently I do illustration and graphic design for artist and labels, providing logo designs, cover artworks, flyers and work on music videos.”

Shapes Structure -Verbals Picks


Woman of Steel

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