Illustrator and Designer Maria Fabrizio

Maria Fabrizio is an illustrator and designer who contends that smart ideas make beautiful work. She holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Graphic Design/Visual Communication.


“A firm believer of the importance of words and ideas in design, I strive to create illustration that is strongly rooted in concept rather than just trend or technique. My daily side project “Wordless News” grew out of this philosophy and has become a way to connect to the broadest audiences possible, while exploring craft and content as part of a very disciplined routine. Visually translating a national or international headline each day allows me to engage an audience, in an unexpected way, about a subject that’s likely fresh on their minds.

The paintings of Wayne Thiebaud and Lucian Frued have long sustained my affection for the relationship between form and material. I find that keeping an arsenal of physical ephemera provides education and inspiration from the past. My short list of the master of my profession it would certainly be: Paul Rand, Charlie Harper, Michael Bierut and Saul Bass.”

hikers copy

“My process always starts in a sketchbook with an idea and then transitions to the computer once the foundation is in place for execution. I love to work by hand, scan things in and use digital tools to enhance color or correct lines when I’m creating an illustration. With branding and logo development I still start with a sketch but I often find that cutting up paper to find the right shapes or marriage of form is the best place to start for something unique.”





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