Illustrator Designer Jay Chaudhri

Birmingham born but not working in London, Jay Chaudhri is a designer and illustrator who graduated in Illustration & Visual communication at the University of Westminster.


“I’ve always had an interest in observing people therefore a lot of my work revolves around social observation and the peculiar quirks of humanity. I mostly use humour in my work as I feel that humour is sometimes one of the best ways to convey your point. However there’s usually a deeper meaning to whatever I do and it’s usually a running commentary on the consumerist nature of our society and the way we interact with each other. I usually work with either paint, pen and paper or create more playful 3D work. Over the past few years I’ve made tiny film sets, wacky wooden deities and a massive 7 foot periscope room.”


“I’m originally from Birmingham but as soon as I was old enough I moved to London and now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! I attended the University of Westminster to complete a degree in BA Illustration & Visual Communication which taught me the importance of having a designated studio space and surrounding yourself with positive, creative people.

At the moment I’m looking to work as a freelance illustrator, I recently won a competition to create a piece for Leefest, a small festival just out of London and I’m currently in the process of making a giant periscope which will be placed within a portaloo. The aim is that you go inside and can spy on all the people around you, I can’t wait to get my paintbrush onto the portaloo and cover it in little illustrations of turds and eyes.”



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