Interview Graphic Design Graduate Kieron Lewis

A recent graphic design graduate of the Winchester School of Art, Kieron Lewis already has his first job in Shoreditch lined up. Here we talk to him about his university experiences, influences, twitter, his future & more.


Kieron LewisWho is Kieron Lewis? What were your first creative influences?

I’m a Graphic Designer from London who has an interest within Advertisement, Editorial Design, Gaming and Marketing. Out of all my friends, I’m that one guy who plans weeks in advance for anything. I also have an unusual obsession with old and discarded nuts and bolts, as strange as that sounds – I even made a project on it!

My first creative influence came from my early secondary school days. As a kid growing up in London, I would see a lot of advertisements. On the way home from school I would usually stumble across an ad, either on the side of a bus or a poster on my local sweet shop. If I liked it I would take a snap on my rubbish Nokia phone and when I got home I would try and re-design it. Nothing digital, just good old-fashioned pencil to paper. Yep, I was a cool kid ha!

Which designers inspire your work today?

Creative Thinker Dave Birss seriously got me through my final university project that I have just recently completed. What I find truly inspiring about the way Dave works is that he has exposed creativity almost as a process – one that can be cultivated and
beneficial to others.

I do follow a number of companies based in the UK and US who I find very inspirational. Not just by their successful projects, but also by their ability to judge, and judge correctly how the public can relate and will react to their advertisement or product. Innocent Smoothies has always been company that I have admired. Their values and work ethic inspires me with my own line of work, whether I’m working on a freelance or team-based project.


You recently completed your degree, Did you enjoy your time at university? Would you recommend it?

I would 100% recommend it! The people you meet, the sleepless nights, the deadlines, its all part of the uni-experience. It is something that really cannot be explained I feel. The best way to know is to experience it for yourself.

I learnt a lot of skills throughout my time at Winchester School of art, however I would say one thing – brace yourself. The jump from second year to the final year was insane, but fun nevertheless.

What was it about studying at Winchester School of art which you enjoyed the most? Why would you recommend the university?

Meeting other like-minded creatives. Whilst studying at WSA I always found it easy to speak to other artists and designers from other disciplines, as well as my own. This is something I feel that I would not have had the opportunity to do if I didn’t attend university.

I would certainly recommend WSA. A lot of people from my year have gone on to work at various agencies across the country, which surely means that lecturers are doing something right, right?

What advice would you offer to students just about to start university or their final year?

To the students who are about start uni, have fun and experiment like crazy! I found that in my first year I could really experiment and push the boat out. I’ve always had the mentality that regardless of the grade, Graphic Design was something that I’ve always enjoyed and would always pursue not just within uni-hours but within my spare time too.

If your not sure what exactly you want to do after uni within in the creative industry, hopefully your time at uni will solve the issue. From my perspective, university really is a learning experience.

Most students are graduating now, so for those going into their final year why not speak to the graduates. Find out their experiences, and learn from them. As cheesy as it may sound, it may benefit you. It did for me. Oh, and good luck of course to everyone going into their final year, or just starting in September.


Where online and offline do you like to gather and research for inspiration?

I use Pinterest a fair bit, but to be honest I do find myself researching for inspiration in books, magazines and supermarkets (food packaging). I’m always in the area of Shoreditch and for those who know the area well, there are always pop-up galleries, events and exhibitions happening which I love. Despite how convenient it might be, the Internet is usually secondary for me when it comes to inspiration.

What do you have in store for yourself in the next 12 months?

Well I start my new job in August as a full-time Junior Graphic Designer in Shoreditch, which will be challenging yet exciting. I hope to visit as many galleries and exhibitions as possible. The Profile team and I will be working hard on the development of our website, as well as trying to get involved with a number of stockists in the UK for our publication.

Who are your favourite creatives to follow on twitter?

Happy Accident Creatives – @HappyAccidentCo
Soner Emirali – @SonEmirali – Son is a good friend of mine, who is destined for great things I’m sure.
Dave Birss – @davebirss
Jeff Hamada – @Booooooom

What are your top 5 films of all time?

Difficult question!
1. The Matrix 1, 2 & 3.
2. The Big Lebowski
3. Scarface
4. Superbad
5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

What else do you like to enjoy and relax away from work?

All my friends know me as the ‘workaholic’, but when I’m not working I’m usually watching football, working out or playing my Xbox (Fifa, I’ll just put that out there).



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