New Designers Product Design Winner Josie Morris

Northumbria graduate Josie Morris recently exhibited at New Designers in London, her work ‘Handle Pendants’ won the New Designers Foundry Associate prize. Not content with that it has also recently been shortlisted for the ‘Design Council Future Pioneers Award.’

handle pendant josie morris

Josie describes herself as “a young product designer creating high quality products and furniture typically minimal in aesthetic.”

Handle Pendants
Handle Pendants are a collective of lights that explore how scale and a common detail can be used to create a product family. The handle feature acts as a common detail amongst the family, available in a choice of grey corian or walnut wood. High quality and minimalistic in aesthetic, the copper spun shades are also available in two size options. Hung individually or in clusters the design could be a feature within a classic home interior or contemporary bar or restaurant scheme.

josie morris handle pendant

josie morris handle pendants

Range Tables
This projects explores how scale and core features can be used to create a product range. The brass acts
as a common detail as well as a core component for ease of manufacture and assembly. Minimalist in aesthetic, they are designed to be high quality pieces of the home.

josie morris range tables

range tables josie morris

These copper and oak vases are the first in a series of turned vessels that explore how form and core
components can be used to create a product range. The turned oak holds a metal (copper) sleeve which
in turn holds water. The copper acts as the common component that can be slotted into multiple vases.
Minimalistic in aesthetic, the range is designed to be high quality pieces for the home.

vase josie morris

Josie Morris Website | @josiemorris_