Surface Pattern Designer Kendel Harrington

A recent graduate of the University of Bolton, Kendel Harrington is a Textiles and Surface Pattern Designer who has ambitions to work freelance as an illustrator and designer.

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“Drawing is the basis for all my designs, I have been drawing my whole life and my main inspirations come from nature and the things that surround me. I am very passionate about music which takes a big part in my work. I love working with inks and illustrating with pens. I also love drawing portraits using all types of media but mainly pencil drawings. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to create my bespoke designs.

I have just finished a three year BA (hons) in Textiles/Surface Design at the University of Bolton. My ambition is to have my own studio and business, to work as a freelance Illustrator/ Designer and create custom interior theme designs for bar/ restaurants salons and more.

People I am most inspired by are artsists such as Tim Burton and other surreal illustrators, I also love detailed tattoos and have looked at the portrait work of tattoo artists Kat Von D which inspired me to start drawing portraits. Looking at what they have achieved inspires me to work and want to be as successful as they are.”


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