Freelance Illustrator Stephanie Morris

Currently working as a Graphic Designer in the motocross world, Stephanie Morris is a freelance Illustration graduate from Manchester.

Billy Childish Poster

‘I love portraiture in all forms and most of my work throughout Uni has circled around this subject. I like to keep my work as stylish as possible, exploring ideas of both detail and simplicity mixed together. I also like to draw extremely weird things, like gory eye surgery and sets of horrid teeth. I think it can be good to create work that won’t always make you smile; sometimes it is okay to be offended and that is what art is all about, your own unique ideas and communicating them with the outside world.

Inspiration wise, I take it from literally anywhere. Music, politics, even conversations overheard in a cafe or something I see on my way to work. I love the works of Francis Bacon and Evie Cahir who even though have completely contrasting styles still spark creative influence in me.’

Book Cover

‘I graduated from Salford University after initially planning on becoming a Sports Therapist. I have worked for clients such as Selfridges & Co and Keds plus clothing brands based in Manchester. I aim to carry on my commission work whilst further exploring my personal illustrative style. Currently, I am planning on looking into the idea of controversy in my illustrations.”



LiL Wayne


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