Illustration Sausage aka Christopher King

Christopher King is a graduate of Norwich University of the Arts, since his graduation in Illustration in 2012 he has taken a focus of editorial illustration and portraits.


“I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA in Illustration about a year ago and have been trying to breaking into the industry ever since. Towards the end of uni I was very much focusing on editorial illustrations because I really appreciated the speed and tendency to communicate a singular idea. In other words I liked how simple it seemed, but hard it was to master. I’ve also tried my hand at portraits, which I feel can be a real asset in the editorial field, but also because I get a real kick out of drawing a face that’s recognisable. It’s a true test of observation, simple, but it’s something that i find drives my image making.

My process has for a long time involved pastels and a figurative approach to drawing, and has like a lot of illustrators today, been augmented with Photoshop. Most people know what PS can do and for me it’s simply to powerful a tool to ignore! It’s perhaps not cool to admit but most of my influences are other illustrators working in the same field, Andre Carrilho, Mitch Blunt and Christoph Niemann for example.”





“My current work is trying to do more with portraits. Pop culture is always a good way to get you to experiment with your work, and make you come up with ideas and solutions that do the film, tv show, characters etc. you love justice.”

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