Illustrator and Graphic Designer Daniel Nash

Daniel Nash is a 27 year old illustrator and graphic designer (former Portsmouth University graduate), he is from Leighton Buzzard (north of London) working part time as well as freelance work.

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‘I graduated in 2009 art Portsmouth University, doing Illustration. Since then I have mainly designed T-shirts for various companies, including Chargrilled, AtmosAtmos, TheMovieShirt and Petrol Threads to gain some more graphic based work experience and try to make a living!

My work tends to be quite bold and colourful with thick lines and detailed texture. I work in quite an uncoordinated manner and tend to visualize things internally almost fully before heading to paper, I get a mix of colours and work from there. I then paint and layer digitally, If my Photoshop page was a actual canvas in a studio it would be very messy indeed!’

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‘I’m a massive fan of concept and geeky fan art, and the lengths some artists will go to to create there own interpretation of a character, sometimes purely just for there own personal enjoyment. I think that’s where great original art comes from, its created for nothing than purely the artists own adventure.

Some of my favorite artists, include traditional cubist Cezanne, Concept artist George Hull, Sam Spratt, Landland and Rhys Cooper. I am currently entering many competitions to try and get myself working at a very competitive level, as I have found gaining commissions very difficult and hope more wins and exposure will help with this. My next project is a poster design for the Irvine Welsh film adaptation of the book, Filth. Trainspotting is one of my favourite books, so this seems like a great opportunity for me to read Filth, so I can then really get my teeth into the poster design.’

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Daniel Nash Website | Facebook | @DanielNash