Illustrator Jordan Rogers

Jordan Rogers is an Illustrator based in Bristol, a graduate of Plymouth University his looser approach to drawing lends itself to subjects and themes that are very expressive.


“I have just graduated with a degree in Illustration from Plymouth University. It has been one heck of a ride in all aspects of my life, but especially for my creative practice. During my time at university I did a lot of exploring with a wide variety of media and materials and I have to say it is has been only recently that I have discovered a way of working that I want to develop as my commercial identity and that feels my own.

In my sketchbooks my mark making is very loose and gestural and I like to carry the appearance of these initial drawings into my finished pieces of work. If I am working traditionally I prefer to draw on a bigger scale, so that I am drawing with my arm and not my hand. When starting a drawing on the computer I prefer to use a mouse as apposed to a pen tablet, as otherwise I can become to bogged down in the details.”


“My history in higher education was outside of art. I never took art in my GCSE’s and it wasn’t my initial choice when studying my A-levels. I was sat in my school common room one day and I realised that I was leaving behind one of my greatest passions by not studying art. After begging to my tutors I was allowed on to a Photography A-level. I couldn’t study art, as I did not have any previous educational experience. I needed to gain an “art” qualification in order to enrol on a Foundation diploma in Art and Design at college. I ended up passing the photography course, which led me to studying the foundation diploma for a year, which then led me to studying a degree in Illustration at Plymouth University.

I would have to say my favourite subjects to work on at the moment are the figure and flora. I think my looser approach to drawing lends itself to subjects and themes that are very expressive. Currently I have been working on a sort of day-to-day sketching project. It’s been a great activity to keep my practice in check through the time soon after leaving university. I also have a couple of live projects on the go as well but I can’t disclose any details at this time.”




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