Knitted Textiles Designer Georgia Farrell

Georgia Farrell is graduate of the Cass School of Art in Textile Design, in her work she translates tessellating patterns and architectural structures into knitted textiles for the fashion industry.

Georgia Farrell Black Mathematics Isosceles Shorts and Angular Top

“I have always loved maths and as a designer, I am interested in exploring the idea of mathematics, as both an approach and an aesthetic, for fashion, specifically knitted textiles and knitwear. Translating tessellating patterns and architectural structures into knitted textiles for fashion.

I am drawn to the contrasting surface textures in architecture, especially in the city, where I also see an everyday embodiment of mathematics and geometry. This is reflected in my work; combining rubber embellished with laser-cut acrylic oversized sequins and traditional yarns such as wool.”

Georgia Farrell Black Mathematics Skirt

“For my final collection, I transformed these knitted textiles into garments, exploring garment construction from a geometrical perspective, working with polyhedra and their nets or polygons in repetition to create both traditional and unconventional pieces.

I have recently completed my degree in Textile Design at The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, which was a great experience. I am currently doing some freelance knitting, which is great fun, I’m also working on developing a range of smaller accessories as an extension of my Black Mathematics collection, that I hope to make and sell.”


Georgia Farrell Grid

Georgia Farrell Tessellation

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