Loughborough University Illustration Graduate Nisha Mistry

A recent Illustration graduate from Loughborough University Nisha Mistry is a lover of typography and has a heavy influence in pop culture with vibrant colour.


“If there is one thing I am attracted to it’s vibrant colour, and it is something that has become a staple in my work. Inspired by the bold shape created with silk screen process, I illustrate with bold shape, created digitally, and filled to create a two dimensional, yet interesting and delightful image.

I tend to be influenced by pop culture, whether it’s a girl on the cover of a magazine or something mundane I see in an iconic city, I like to take it and make it flamboyant. There are illustrators who like to raise awareness or tell a story but I just enjoy illustrating images that make people happy and emanate fun and excitement.”


“I also love designing typography, and manipulating the shapes of letters in order to create a certain style or mood. With type I find there are no boundaries with experimentation; there are so many original designs created and so many that are yet to be created, and that is a challenge I always enjoy pursuing.

My recent artwork had been inspired by media images, mostly those that are part of western pop culture. I take inspiration from this as it is something that I, and many people from this generation can relate to, and therefore use it to capture the interest of the majority.”




Nisha Mistry Website | @missnishamistry