Product Design Graduate Marwa Khalil

A recent graduate of Product Design from Central Saint Martins, Marwa Khalil is a multidisciplinary designer and creative looking to establish her career in the design industry.


“I have had the opportunity to work on furniture, packaging, graphics and social innovation projects. So it is fair to say I have a varied portfolio. But what I found was constant within my work was the emphasis I placed on research, user insight and behaviours. This was a particular potent point for one of my final year projects where I designed a bus pole based on the way some bus users avoid touching the pole.

I am a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins with a degree in Product Design. My design education taught me unexpectedly more then I then I thought I was going to learn, I find this to be very useful as design is becoming less tangible and more multidisciplinary and service based. As a research and insight orientated designer I am influenced by so many things such as colours and how it can be used to create positive products, however one main influence is IDEO’s human-centred approach to designs.”


“Currently I am on a little break as I have just graduated, however I am doing some freelance jobs. My main ambition is to eventually get a design job where I can use fresh new skills and creativity. I also have a little shop idea running through my head, but I will have to see where that takes me.”



Marwa Khalil Website | @missmarwakhalil