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Textile Crafts Designer Louisa Crompton

First Class Honors in Ba(Hons) Textile Crafts Graduate from The University of Huddersfield, Louisa Crompton specialises in both hand and machine knitting.

Graduate Collection

During Louisa’s four year degree she undertook a placement year where she interned with Swedish knitwear company MillaMia in London, The Hand Weaver’s Studio and Gallery in Islington and shadowed print designer/maker Catherine Hammerton at Cockpits Art Studios. Previous to Louisa’s degree she completed a Foundation Diploma in Fashion and Textiles at Southport College.

Louisa prides her designs on quality and craftsmanship. Deeply inspired by digital aesthetic and the interaction with computers, the designer creates designs full of various shapes, lines, blocks and patterns to produce knitted fabrics that are carefully considered with absolute attention to detail yet playful, contemporary and unique.

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Louisa produces designs for interiors from a fun and playful angle. By using bright and bold colours in various shapes, blocks and lines, the designer hopes to convey elements of ‘play’ and ‘interaction’ within her designs. Louisa’s graduate collection, ‘Rendered Reality’ bring together the craftsmanship of traditional hand and machine knitting techniques and combines them with a contemporary digital aesthetic that is carefully considered to fit the appropriate market.

The cushions are knitted using a domestic knitting machine and the designs are carefully hand stitched on using a technique called Swiss Darning [Duplicate stitch] This allows the designer to have full control of the design, texture and composition as she works meticulously on top of the fabrics, producing outcomes that almost pop out at you.

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New Designers

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