Brighton based Illustrator Charlie Pringle

Brighton based illustrator Charlie Pringle, is an illustration graduate from 2012. Since moving to Brighton she has continued to improve her skillset and knowledge of digital work, traditional media, and just recently: embroidery.

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“I graduated with an Illustration Degree in 2012, where I worked with great texts like War of the Worlds and Pinnocchio, and then did exactly what everyone told me not to; finished and stalled for about eight months. I managed to win a runner-up place in a competition by The Yogscast in this time but other than that it was mainly office work. I eventually decided to move from Kent to Brighton with my partner; so far I’ve been trying to improve every skill I’ve ever thought about having, to make myself as good an artist as possible! This includes digital work, traditional media, and just recently: embroidery.

What I am mostly trying to do as an artist is create things which are as accessible and enjoyable as possible. I want to create something that the viewer will wish was real and that they could visit and interact with. This might be caused by my love of games, films and books; overwhelmingly interesting worlds that I wish I could live in! I think this is why embroidery can be so engaging: it’s wearable and tactile, so it has the potential to cross the fourth wall and become a real object. I am inspired by funny people like Kate Beaton, who manages to make me laugh with so few lines on the page. I also love Sam Wolfe Connelly‘s work, because it’s so sinister, arresting and beautiful.”

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“I am currently working on a personal project which I will pitch to a group who are creating really fun and interesting content on Youtube. I am working on a commission for a friend, and making things to sell at some of the many Craft Fairs here in Brighton; possibly selling online too! I hope to one day embroider a huge map of Middle Earth because why not.”

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