Emerging 3D Designer Victoria Shennan

Victoria Shennan is a Three Dimensional Design graduate from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. This interdisciplinary course spanning ceramics, glass and jewellery and anything in between, has helped Victoria assembled a varied and exciting skill set.

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‘I explore the human condition through my work as I like to challenge preconceived notions, such as how an object can be both alien and familiar and how we relate to objects and imbue them with significance. This ambiguity creates an intriguing tension as the viewer navigates a new visual terrain, seeking to understand its elements. I am an avid experimenter – I like to question material boundaries and challenge their limitations – my fascination with glass was born from being told that we didn’t have the facilities to do much with glass. My creative process is quite organic and intuitive, obscuring and transforming everyday items – only through the process of making can my disparate thoughts percolate into my conscious and ideas can form.’

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‘I studied Three Dimensional Design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. This is a very interdisciplinary course spanning ceramics, glass and jewellery and anything in between. This open, flexible environment cultivates experimentation as students have the freedom to be innovative with materials. I am going to undertake a Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery at the Royal College of Art in September, which will challenge my practice both conceptually and technically.’

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‘I am influenced by contemporary culture, questioning zeitgeists fuels my creative process as it allows me to explore the underlying social and cultural factors that are implicit in our daily lives, allowing me to get under the skin of the everyday. My current work stems from an interest in how we have become estranged from nature as I believe a sense of the uncanny is entwined with contemporary life as both the human body and our environment is becoming increasingly mediated and artificial. This is epitomised in the food industry. By transforming everyday items, I reflect on the manipulation of processed food and speculate about the effect of the synthetic on the body.’

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