Filmmaker and Motion Graphic Artist Robin Celebi

Freelance filmmaker and motion graphic artist Robin Celebi bases himself between Winchester and London. His work ranges from live action all the way to digital animation, with experience in short films, music videos, fashion shoots and animation.

‘I find it difficult to specifically pin down what sort of work I do because as a rule I try not to limit myself – but I guess the majority of my work falls under the umbrella of ‘moving image and motion design’. These days I’m trying to do more film work, but still spend a lot of my time doing animation. In the past I’ve done bumpers, idents, kinetic typography, infographics, stop motion as well as more traditional hand drawn animation. If it moves on a screen – chances are I’ve had a go at it at some point and if I like it I try and incorporate it into my work.

Commercially I tend to do a lot of clean minimalist motion graphics work combined with corporate videos, but when I’m let loose on more creative or personal projects I love really stylized film, objects swimming in and out of focus and loads of odd techniques like lens whacking and time lapse. I got into moving image via music and editing so a strong sense of rhythm is really important to me and I always try bringing in a sense of playfulness, but other than that I try and make each project I work on very unique and have yet to notice any recurring themes. I always try and sneak in little easter eggs and meta references to my own and others work but thats more just me being me as opposed to an overarching style.’

‘I got into film and design quite tangentially (and appear to have continued moving that way) some years ago when I was about 14/15. My secondary school decided it would be a good idea to get Autodesk Maya (part of what hollywood uses to build its special effects) to help us with science and whilst most of the class just got irritated at being unable to use this high end professional software (go figure) I got really into it, and whilst I was never any good that led me to playing around with other graphics softwares which prompted me to do graphics as a GCSE and then at A-Level where I started playing around with animation. I ending up studying Graphic Arts specialising in Motion Graphics at Winchester School of Art. I intentionally chose a design course so I could continue my design education alongside my film and motion work – this allowed me to spend all day running around with cameras and the evening sat in the pub bickering about the correct typeface to use on the drinks menu.

Too many people are only influenced by other aspects of the design world – I believe its much more important to live life to the fullest and allow the things you see and experience to influence you. I’ve been influenced by things as diverse as music, trees, amusing stories from my friends and one time my dog. I also spend a large amount of time watching films, playing the guitar and doing magic tricks – so I frequently find they heavily influence my work. Music and rhythm I mentioned earlier, film in the shape of classic film tropes, beautifully composed shots (the other films or paintings that influenced those shots) and from magic I try and take a bit of an understanding of the psychology of what people want to see and hear and where they look. Having just written that I realise what an odd bunch of hobbies I have – it works for me though. To name a few specific films I really like I’d say anything by Tarantino or Kevin Smith – I’m a big fan of most writer/directors as the attention to detail and control over the work tends to result in a ‘tighter’ film in my opinion. I also love The Lives of Others (a fantastic German film) Seven Psychopaths, The Departed and Goodfellas.’

‘I’m currently working on a few different projects – I work 3 days a week for a small production studio doing predominantly adverts and corporate videos. I am in the process of setting up my own production company for Weddings, Events, Music Videos. I am also working on animated intros for two other film companies and several short films of my own are in various stages of pre-production (well one of them is and I keep putting off finishing writing the other two) but I’m getting there. I’m very excited about the next few months and will hopefully have some new work to show everyone in the near future.’

Rob Celebi Website | Vimeo | Facebook | @robincelebi