Graduate Childrens Illustrator Ellen Stubbings

Ellen Stubbings is a recently graduated illustrator from the University of Lincoln who hopes to one day illustrate children’s picture books.

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“I like to make sure all my pieces of work maintain a high level of cuteness and colour, often with a few bears and rabbits thrown in! My favourite illustrator is Maurice Sendak, but I have also been influenced by other great artists such as Beatrix Potter, Mary Blair, Edward Gorey, Tove Jansson, Shaun Tan and Jon Klassen to name a few. Most of all I enjoy illustrations that have a good sense of story with strong characters; therefore I strive to create work with a good sense of narrative. I find a lot of inspiration in looking at concept art and storyboards for animated films.

I enjoy the benefits of working both digitally and traditionally and often swap between the two depending on what kind of feel I want a piece to have. I like the imperfections you get when painting but appreciate how working digitally allows for more experimentation with colour.”

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Currently I’m collaborating with a group called Well Dressed Comics on a new webcomic project called Super Something.

Ellen Stubbings Website | Facebook | @Honeydew_Mellen