Graphic Designer & Illustrator Kathryn Corlett

Kathryn Corlett is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer originally from rural Hampshire, now both working and living in leafy South London. ‘I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil; when I was a kid my favourite thing to draw was Nintendo characters I would spend hours copying them and had a rather large collection drawings, I think Toad was my favourite.’


‘These days I take my influence from numerous sources, films, exhibitions, books, nature the internet and many more. Mostly my ideas seem to come to me rather naturally and I can only attribute this to the wealth of visual and written information I expose myself to on daily basis, reading many blogs and browsing the internet (tho perhaps I am just attempting to justify what would otherwise be deemed extreme procrastination!). I also have an obsession with science fiction novels and watch – what might be deemed – far too much TV.’


‘I did a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Winchester School of Art and went on to Falmouth College of Arts to study Graphic Design. It was a brilliant place to go to uni and living by the sea was incredibly inspiring, I’m sure will reside in a coastal town again some day. At uni I learnt a lot about layout, typography and design, though Illustration wise I’m pretty much self taught. I am currently working on an illustration influenced by the theme Fantasy and Fear for a new art blog called Flaw’d it is inspired by the film The Mist, a fear of blood sucking parasitic creatures and of drowning. I only developed this idea today but it is going to show me being dragged under water by a giant Kraken like beast. Sounds rather gruesome I know. I’m also working on a wedding invitation design for some friends which will feature them as bears, with origami, waterfalls and flowing water which as an idea is probably more representative of what I do in general, though I’m not afraid to branch out and vary my style!

I have produced Illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine, STIR to Action Magazine, Flamingo Magazine, Ritzy Cinema Brixton plus various self published zines. I also run a small press with a couple of friends and we recently released an illustrated book of short stories about animals called ‘Just Like a Human’, you can see the illustrations from the book on my website.’





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