Graphic Designer Rob Holder aka Olda Robot

Olda Robot is a Graphic Designer who’s based in England. “I’ve worked for various commercial clients around the globe and have won a number of awards all whilst I study for my Degree at University not to mention being featured several times on Various Publications. My style is ever changing and developing as I focus on new fresh approaches to projects. Most of my work is influenced by current treads or beautiful pieces I have seen.”


I have always been creative and thanks to my parents I was able to develop this creativity from a very young age. When I started at high school I choose to take both art and graphic design so I could develop both my drawn and computer based work, then in college I achieved full marks in my graphic design course. This leads me to University and where I’m a 3rd Year Undergraduate.



I have been doing a lot of work outside of University for many people around the globe to build up my portfolio and spread my creativity. Some of my recent and current projects include websites for Represent Clothing and Orrell Structures as well as a number of portfolios and event websites. I’m also a keen photographer and this has aided me in projects as well as provided a creative hobby.




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