Hannah Webb Illustration

A graduate of the University of Lincoln, Hannah Webb is inspired by her surroundings of nature in her quiet hamlet she calls home in Derbyshire.

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‘Having just completed my final year at university, I have moved back home to a quiet hamlet nestled in the National Forest in Derbyshire. Being surrounded by nature certainly has a strong influence upon my work, as well as being inspired by current trends, travel & foreign cultures, and vintage items.’

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“I use a combination of traditional lino printing, rubber letter stamps, papercutting, my own photography, and collaged ephemera, which I then assemble digitally. This enables me to have greater flexibility when collating these elements, but maintains the hand-rendered imperfections you achieve whilst printmaking. Utilising old paperwork such as maps, postcards, and newspaper clippings brings an additional dimension to my work as I believe those discarded objects have a story attached to them – that story is given a chance to reignite and continue when featured in a new piece of artwork.

I’m influenced by various great artists, specialising in different disciplines, such as Angie Lewin, Shaun Tan, Rob Ryan, Sarah Morpeth, Raoul Hausmann, and Sandra Dieckmann. Inspired by one of my favourite illustrators, Oliver Jeffers, and artist Leah Flores, I am now working on a series of prints as a means of exploring the limitless possibilities the relationship between words and images can offer – how the interplay between the two can either contrast or complement each other.”

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‘I’m also currently working on creating more detailed surface patterns using lino print so that I can set up an online shop for my designs.’

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