Illustration Graduate Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards is a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts and creates illustrations that involve animals or monsters; “I just really like making characters, especially if they’re a bit weird!”


‘During my final year of Uni I was inspired by mythical creatures quite a lot. My work is usually made out of hand painted collage which is then painted with watercolour. I try to make my collage as detailed as I can, although it’s sometimes really painful cutting out tiny little eyes! I also play around with 3D such as making paper toys and sometimes make lino prints.

At the moment I am inspired by quirky or humorous illustrations such as those by Gemma Correll, Julia Pott, Ana Albero and Michael Deforge. I like that they all have a strong sense of style to their work; developing a unique style is something I’ve always been interested in throughout the progress of my course. I’m also inspired by cartoons such as Adventure Time; because everything in it is adorable! Basically anything cute inspires me too.

I’m currently working on making my own illustrated products such as stickers and clay jewellery so I can set up an online shop. Earlier this year I made monster stickers for The Poundshop exhibition/shop in Manchester and found that I really enjoyed making merchandise, as I think my illustrations are suited to this. I would like to carry on exploring the different kinds of illustrated products I can make.’






Rachael Edwards Website | @raichul_